A Collaborative Effort

The Office of Justice Programs and the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) in particular, have made a major commitment to advancing Evidence-Based Practice (EBP). BJA has accelerated the adoption and integration of research and evidence in the field by growing the number of BJA programs that require robust researcher-practitioner partnerships. BJA is promoting researcher-practitioner partnerships in order to implement data-driven approaches to reduce violent crime, improve community safety, reduce recidivism, and enhance the efficiency, fairness, and effectiveness of the criminal justice system. This model is evident in BJA’s “Innovations Suite” of programs. The Innovations Suite of programs represents a strategic approach that brings more "science" into criminal justice operations by leveraging innovative applications of analysis, technology, and evidence-based practices with the goal of improving performance and effectiveness while containing costs. To enhance the effectiveness of these Innovations Suite programs, BJA has partnered with a team from the School of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University (MSU) to help researchers and practitioners work more effectively and efficiently on crime reduction strategies.