Innovations in Reentry Initiative

Grantees of this program develop comprehensive and collaborative strategies to address reentry challenges for people who are assessed as having a medium to high risk of recidivism. The Innovations in Reentry Initiative (formerly known as Smart Reentry, the Two-Phase Adult Reentry Demonstration Program, the Adult Offender Reentry Program for Planning and Demonstration Projects, and the Prisoner Reentry Initiative) is part of BJA’s Innovations Suite of programs, which invest in the development of practitioner-researcher partnerships that use data, evidence, and innovation to assess problems and create strategies and interventions that are both effective and economical. A research partner is involved from the start of the grant period to help grantees develop the strategic plan. Innovations in Reentry grantees must complete a planning phase and receive BJA approval to begin implementation of their strategic plans.

For more information: Innovations in Reentry Initiative